Cleaning Services

We offer different services depending on the type of roof and what you require.  We will always clear your gutters after and tidy up any other mess we make.

Manual Clean and Biocide

This involves manually cleaning the roof tiles with hand tools and brushes then spraying the entire roof with a biocide called AlgoClear®.  This biocide kills all moss, lichen and algae, restoring your roof back to its former glory.  We recommend this method especially if drainage might be a problem.  AlgoClear® ensures that all spores and algae hiding deep within the crevices are killed making it the best moss killer currently available on the market.  Because AlgoClear®’s active ingredient has the ability to quickly break down shortly after application, it does not harm the environment.  It prevents regrowth for up to 3 years and we would be happy to discussed an annual or bi-annual application of Biocide depending on the roof’s rate of organic growth.



Jet Wash and Biocide

This method involves jet washing your roof down then spraying it with AlgoClear® (see above).  This method can be a bit messier but produces excellent results.  We recommend this method if your roof is in good condition, has sufficient drainage and will not impact on your neighbour’s property.

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Protective Coating

We can also apply a protective coating to your roof as an extra service.  A roof coating will enhance the look of your roof and keep it protected for many years to come.  There are many protective coatings on the market and we will be happy to discuss this with you when we do a quote.

Fascia and Soffit Cleaning

Please ask about having your property fascia and soffits cleaned